Our next MacCamp will be held virtually, via Zoom. The meeting date will be August 14, 2021. View details on the Announcements page.
MacCamp is all about "hands-on" learning. Bring your own laptop or gather round the many that are in use. Ask questions and get answers or help. MacCamp is free to all members. MacCamp is co-sponsored with the Midland Mac group, MIAMUG. MacCamps are typically held quarterly (see the photos below from some of our past MacCamps).
iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, iOS apps, Mac Apps, software for backing up, purchasing hardware for the Mac...

These are just a few of the topics discussed in the info-exchange at many of our recent MacCamps.

Members from SMUG and MIAMUG, as well as guests and switchers, join together to create an energy-rich atmosphere for fun, learning and sharing.

Thanks to all who collaborate to make these MacCamps another MacSuccess!

Attendees of Previous MacCamps
Photos taken by Libby Mundy