Scans and Spam Help Files

Here are the 4 files for the Scans and Spam Presentation on 4-11-18

Identify Legit Apple Emails

iPhone Protection Keynote

No-Talk Phone Scams

Jerry’s Malware and Adware Suggestions

Zack Moreno’s Security Presentation from 6-14-17

Here is the pdf document from Zack Moreno’s presentation of Two Factor Authentication on 6-14-17:

Two-factorPDF (this is a 717k pdf download)

Also, here are the two important webpages Zack referred to in his presentation:

Jim Hargett’s iMovie Presentation from 3-14-17

Here are two files from Jim Hargett’s iMovie Presentation from the 3-14-17 meeting:

SMUG_IMOVIE_NOTES (27k pdf download)

HOW_TO_SHOOT_GOOD_VIDEO (15k pdf download)

Malware Presentation by Jerry Brasseur on 3-14-17

Here is the malware presentation presented by Jerry Brasseur at the 3-14-17 meeting:

Malware_3-17 (50k pdf download)

Let’s Make a Photo Book, by Mary Nesset on 9-14-16

Here are the pdf copies of the “Let’s Make a Photo Book” given by Mary Nesset on 9-14-16:


“Photos” for Mac, Presented by Dale Stephan on 6-11-2016

Here’s the pdf copy of the “Photos” for the Mac presentation given by Dale Stephan on 6-11-16 at the MIAMUG meeting:

06-16Photos_presentation (15.5 mb download)

Speeding Up an Old iPad, by Dale Stephan on 4-13-16

Here’s the pdf copy of the “Speeding Up an Old iPad” presentation given by Dale Stephan on 4-13-16:

Speeding_up_old _Pad (6mb pdf download)

Home Automation presented by Dana Haynes on 10-14-15

Here is a link to view the streaming video of Dana Haynes’ home automation presentation from our October meeting. Please note that you will be required to provide your name and a valid email address to view the video lessons.

Video Creation Process

Here’s the pdf copy of the “Video Creation Process” presentation given by Mary Nesset on 11-12-14:

11-14Video_Creation_Process (1.1 mb pdf download)

1Password Management Software

Here’s the pdf copy of the 1Password Presentation given by Mary Nesset on 6-11-14:

06-14-14_1Password_presentation (4 mb download)