Betty’s Bookmarks, September 2016
Dig into learning all the ins and outs of using your clock on your phone.
Here’s a Mac help and support guide. You’ll find some advanced tips and tricks, as well as some help with common problems you can fix on your own. Don’t miss any of the four pages.
Here’s a handy site. Verify your mail settings here, so when you’re setting up your mail account you have all the info you need.
Find My iPhone isn’t limited to the iPhone – it’s also available for the iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and Mac. Learn all about it. Make sure you click on all the links in the article – so much information provided.
If you haven’t updated to iOS 9.3.5 DO IT NOW!
Not enough local storage on your phone? – read about solutions and work-arounds here.
Watch this video and be in charge of your Time Machine backups. You are backing up, aren’t you???
Here’s a video with instructions for updating firmware on your router (Airport Extreme or Time Capsule).

Betty’s Bookmarks, August 2016
Here is iMessage: The ultimate guide. It certainly is and can be a hot weather project to work your way through the guide. Get started and good luck! Included is lots you’ll find in iOS 10, but you must wait for that.
This is a site you’ll want to review now for content and save for a time when you’ll need it. It covers all the ways you can start up your Mac.
You’ve heard the term – ‘just right click’. What? How do I do that? Here’s the instructions.
Let me say how shocked I am when I hear you’re not using Calendar. Here the ultimate guide to get you started to a more organized life.
This is an important tutorial. Here you learn how to give a user of your Mac more or fewer rights and still maintain your security.
Preview is capable of doing so much. Here’s a few things you can do with Preview. You’ll be a believer!
Markup is a feature that is bundled uno your OS X operating system that lets you draw on, write on, and annotate attachments that you send out in the Mail app. You can also use Markup in iOS.
Always good to be at the top of your game to avoid malware. Good article for you to read.
You have a ton of summer photos piling up? Share them with family and friends. Learn how to set up a iCloud Shared Album.

Betty’s Bookmarks, July 2016
Free and open-source software is good for you and good for the world. This is the best free Mac software that we know of. Submitted by Jerry Brasseur (SMUG).
A first look at watchOS 3. It’s great now and will be greater. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
More on watchOS 3.
Great information on using Copy and Paste. So much more here than you already know. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Just so you know what Google knows about you.
Here’s a How-to! Find out how to transfer a video from OS X to iOS.
It’s summer and your iPhone camera will be doing double duty. Here are some tips and tricks to help you take amazing photos.
Here’s what will excite you about macOS Sierra which is scheduled for a Fall 2016 release. Can’t wait!!!

Betty’s Bookmarks, June 2016
Here’s information I know you’ll appreciate. Lots to learn here about transferring photos from your iPhone to computer.
Learn how to boost your Apple ID protection.
Here’s a list of all you can say to Siri! It’s a comprehensive list – so spend some time on this and then save some time.
Here you will learn methods of transferring files from your Mac to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Need to transfer files from one Mac to another? Learn the many ways to do it here.
Sometimes your iPhone doesn’t work the way you expect it to work. Here’s a troubleshooting guide to help you with some most common iPhone problems.
Macworld posted some top questions (iOS 9, iCloud, El Capitan) to Mac 911 – and some answers. This is a valuable resource.
When the weather is hot this summer and the AC is on high – take a break and organize your photos within Apple’s Photo app. Watch the youtube video by David A. Cox to get inspired.

Betty’s Bookmarks, May 2016
Time to review Time Machine – how it works, how to set it up, how to restore and more.
Here are step-by-step directions for pairing an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with your Apple TV.
Okay – your iPhone is missing. Use your Apple Watch to locate your iPhone. You don’t have an Apple Watch??? Better get one quick – you need it!
Learn about the new iPhone SE. That phone may just suit your needs.
Get the most out of Apple’s Messages app. IMO it’s the quickest form of communication around. Give it a try – you won’t go back!
I enjoyed this article about the future of Apple Watch and health apps. I hope you will also.
Read about the Adobe Flash alert here. Follow all the links in the article to read more. Once you’re fully informed you won’t fall for FAKE Adobe Flash updates.
This is a great step-by-step guide for limiting those pesky ads on your iPhone and iPad.
Here’s some easy solutions to an annoying space problems on your iPhone.
This is worth looking at – a browser with an integrated VPN service. That’s good and saves $$$. Check out the security VPN adds to your browsing. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG

Betty’s Bookmarks, April 2016
Here is a site you’ll want to save for whenever you need it! Randy Singer gives you 10 OS X slowdown solutions. Lots to learn here.
Here are four sites (related to eMail presentation) introduced to SMUG members by Zachary Moreno at the March meet- ing.
More members are using Dropbox – so take a minute to read all you can about Dropbox. You can begin right here.
The issue of expired expired certi cates for OS X installers was discussed at the March SMUG meeting. Read about OS X installers that will no longer work for you and what you can do about it.
Do you know you have an app called Preview on your Mac? If not, you aren’t using it. Spend some time with this series of articles. You’ll be rewarded because Preview is a powerhouse app.
Read about “typosquatters” and be aware of the warning not to be tricked by them. An example is to install or not install Adobe Flash. If you missed the precautions and directions about installing Adobe Flash – ask during Q&A at a meeting or in the Help Group.
These three site are all related to the recent Safari update. Stay current with your Apple updates. It’s very important for your Mac’s wellbeing.

Betty’s Bookmarks, March 2016
Here’s a spelling lesson. Not really, but a lesson to help your computer unlearn misspellings, add words you use often or technical, medical and scientific words, and also sync dictionaries across your multiple macs.
You know your iPad (or iPhone) is here somewhere!!! Let your iPhone (or iPad) come to your rescue. You need the Find My iPhone app. This works for all your Apple computers and devices. So just in case you’ve misplaced your iMac, this process has you covered.
Wouldn’t you like to add Disc Eject to your Mac’s Menu Bar? Now you can! You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. No more dragging that disk to the trash. Yea!
While looking for information and understanding of the Apple-FBI issue, I came upon this site. Some good reading here.
Suffering from a slow iPad. Here you’ll find some tricks to help boost the speed. Contributed by Onita Oles (MIAMUG).
Something’s new on Facebook. Look for the new options built into the LIKE button. Contributed by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
What a great lesson here on making sure your prints always look their best. This article is by Lesa Snider, you’ll find her website here with much more to read and learn.
Glenn Fleishman, Senior Contributor at MacWorld and also the author of A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy and Security in iOS 9, (good book) has written this excellent article regarding boosting your Wi-Fi signal.
Here’s the scoop! Rumor Has It that the iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will hit store shelves on March 18. Read about the new products here.

Betty’s Bookmarks, February 2016
It’s wintertime and you now have a good excuse to start a project. Here is everything you need to know to begin a scanning project. Digitize those photos that are saved in a box and enjoy them digitally. Make slide shows; send them to friends and family; reminisce. Contributed by Mary Nesset (SMUG and MIAMUG).
Whether you have multiple Apple TVs or you just have a new one that you want to rename. Here’s lots of information about going about that task.
If you are interested in learning about Instagram – watch this short tutorial by David A. Cox.
Here’s a beginner’s tutorial on Twitter by David A. Cox.
Okay – let’s learn about Snapchat so you can have fun with your friends and impress your grandchildren.
Stop! Don’t do it! Don’t just yank that flash drive out of your USB port! Learn how to eject a flash drive the correct way.
Here’s a how-to to help you if your Mac laptop’s headphone jack is not behaving.
More and more club members have installed El Capitan. If you haven’t be assured that it’s great and everything will be okay. Learn about El Capitan here with a tutorial. And learn some tips, tricks and shortcuts here:

Betty’s Bookmarks, January 2016
Here’s help for a great project! Learn how to share slideshows created in Photos for Mac. Now get busy! Contributed by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
This information is crucial if unwanted texts and phone calls have been annoying you. Learn here how to block them. Now be happy!
Bento was a great database and I loved it. However, it’s gone. RIP, Bento. Tap Forms Organizer stepped up to the plate. The app is great, support is superb, your data is available on all your devices, and there is iCloud and Dropbox integration. Free trial available on website. It’s also available to buy in the App Store.
Both SMUG and MIAMUG have so many new members. I must repeat this site to help relieve frustration. If you’re trying to get to a website and it just won’t come up on your screen – try this site. Paste the url into the box and find out if the site is down or the problem is with you.
Here’s information for you regarding TWIT TV programming schedule changes. If you don’t already follow the shows available – give them a try! Watch live or as podcasts or on YouTube.
Here are some tips to organize your Photos in Apple Photos. I need this and perhaps you do also. Skip the annoying ad.
Dr. Mac (aka Bob LeVitus) has posted an informative article for us. He leads us through the easy fix for his Time Machine disk. His process was performing a Safe Boot – which is something we all should know about. Tuck this help article away, you may need it.
This is for AT&T customers. Say goodbye to two-year contracts. Mac Observer calls it a good thing for customers.

Betty’s Bookmarks, December 2015
After the holidays how about putting your downtime to good use. Take a look at the projects your could accomplish using Slate. Get inspiration from the many examples.
Good advice here! Make sure you read this before you trust software originating sites not being Apple or the developer’s own website. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Now for the more experienced among us – a site offering a new approach to finding good software. Submitted by Jerry Brasseur (SMUG).
Here learn how to search your iPhone and iPad efficiently. There are 4 smarter ways to search. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Here’s a valuable article written by Lesa Snider. Read it before you order prints, a book, a calendar, etc. Make sure your photo’s colors are correct and look their best.
I vote for iCloud! However, you may not – or you’re not sure how to use it. Anyway, here are 5 easy ways to get your iPhone photos onto your Mac.
If you find an Apple Watch under your tree soon – or just admit it, you plan to gift yourself. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to set up and use your Apple Watch.
This is a fun and informative show that I’m sure you would enjoy. Megan Morrone offers up a top five list of best iPhone apps as well as helpful tricks. Suggestion: subscribe to the show’s  podcast through iTunes.