Betty’s Bookmarks, February 2016
It’s wintertime and you now have a good excuse to start a project. Here is everything you need to know to begin a scanning project. Digitize those photos that are saved in a box and enjoy them digitally. Make slide shows; send them to friends and family; reminisce. Contributed by Mary Nesset (SMUG and MIAMUG).
Whether you have multiple Apple TVs or you just have a new one that you want to rename. Here’s lots of information about going about that task.
If you are interested in learning about Instagram – watch this short tutorial by David A. Cox.
Here’s a beginner’s tutorial on Twitter by David A. Cox.
Okay – let’s learn about Snapchat so you can have fun with your friends and impress your grandchildren.
Stop! Don’t do it! Don’t just yank that flash drive out of your USB port! Learn how to eject a flash drive the correct way.
Here’s a how-to to help you if your Mac laptop’s headphone jack is not behaving.
More and more club members have installed El Capitan. If you haven’t be assured that it’s great and everything will be okay. Learn about El Capitan here with a tutorial. And learn some tips, tricks and shortcuts here:

Betty’s Bookmarks, January 2016
Here’s help for a great project! Learn how to share slideshows created in Photos for Mac. Now get busy! Contributed by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
This information is crucial if unwanted texts and phone calls have been annoying you. Learn here how to block them. Now be happy!
Bento was a great database and I loved it. However, it’s gone. RIP, Bento. Tap Forms Organizer stepped up to the plate. The app is great, support is superb, your data is available on all your devices, and there is iCloud and Dropbox integration. Free trial available on website. It’s also available to buy in the App Store.
Both SMUG and MIAMUG have so many new members. I must repeat this site to help relieve frustration. If you’re trying to get to a website and it just won’t come up on your screen – try this site. Paste the url into the box and find out if the site is down or the problem is with you.
Here’s information for you regarding TWIT TV programming schedule changes. If you don’t already follow the shows available – give them a try! Watch live or as podcasts or on YouTube.
Here are some tips to organize your Photos in Apple Photos. I need this and perhaps you do also. Skip the annoying ad.
Dr. Mac (aka Bob LeVitus) has posted an informative article for us. He leads us through the easy fix for his Time Machine disk. His process was performing a Safe Boot – which is something we all should know about. Tuck this help article away, you may need it.
This is for AT&T customers. Say goodbye to two-year contracts. Mac Observer calls it a good thing for customers.

Betty’s Bookmarks, December 2015
After the holidays how about putting your downtime to good use. Take a look at the projects your could accomplish using Slate. Get inspiration from the many examples.
Good advice here! Make sure you read this before you trust software originating sites not being Apple or the developer’s own website. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Now for the more experienced among us – a site offering a new approach to finding good software. Submitted by Jerry Brasseur (SMUG).
Here learn how to search your iPhone and iPad efficiently. There are 4 smarter ways to search. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Here’s a valuable article written by Lesa Snider. Read it before you order prints, a book, a calendar, etc. Make sure your photo’s colors are correct and look their best.
I vote for iCloud! However, you may not – or you’re not sure how to use it. Anyway, here are 5 easy ways to get your iPhone photos onto your Mac.
If you find an Apple Watch under your tree soon – or just admit it, you plan to gift yourself. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to set up and use your Apple Watch.
This is a fun and informative show that I’m sure you would enjoy. Megan Morrone offers up a top five list of best iPhone apps as well as helpful tricks. Suggestion: subscribe to the show’s  podcast through iTunes.

Betty’s Bookmarks, November 2015
After you install El Capitan you no longer have the task of verify/repair permissions. Yea!
Learn more about iOS 9.1 tips and tricks. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Do you think that an old iPhone is useless? Wrong! Use it as an iPod touch.
Good info on Apple’s OS X security.
Here’s where you can learn how to use slide over (new in iOS 9) on your iPad.
The fourth-gen Apple TV is here! And Christmas is coming! Hint hint! Learn how to set up your Apple TV here.
iPad Pro, Smart keyboard and Apple Pen will be available soon. Learn about these new products here.
Time for some housecleaning! Find out how to clean up messy Contacts here.
Here’s a tip to regain some space on your computer. Old backups from your devices may still be living on your computer taking up valuable space.

Betty’s Bookmarks, October 2015
It’s here – iOS 9! You must install because updates are good for your device and they really mean it this time. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have. There’s a lot to read and digest so plan some large time blocks.
iOS 9 is here and El Capitan may be released before you read this (probably 9/30). So let’s get up-to-date on what’s new in security using Two-Factor Authentication. This is important for you to use and understand. More on the subject here /
If you follow Bookmarks each month you know I’ve mentioned a website called and suggested you use and remember it. David has changed the name of the site. Still good and still lots to learn from him – just go to Also follow his YouTube channel.
Catch Dana’s Home Automation presentation at October meetings, both SMUG and MIAMUG. And remember to talk to Dana Haynes about a club discount for his tutorial site and start learning!
Another site for tutorials.
Here are some sites to learn about the 4th gen Apple TV. Compare to present Apple TV and the competition.
Read about News here. It came with iOS 9. Personalize the app and you’ll have your news you follow at your fingertips.

Betty’s Bookmarks, September 2015
Good stuff to learn about here even though it’s a bit dated. BUT poke around on this site and you’ll find some free tutorials as well as some at a small cost.
Meet Dana Haynes, our new SMUG member, who recently moved to mid-Michigan from Florida. He is a certified Apple consultant and has this wonderful site for tutorials and help with your Mac and Apple devices. I’m sure he’ll be spotted at MIAMUG also. Welcome Dana!
Learn here just how to be safe on public Wi-Fi networks.
Here’s a site to help you use your iPhone for photography more effectively and creatively. Here’s a good place to begin –
Learn more about Photos for OS X and its editing power.
Do you know these hacks for your iPhone? I bet you can find at least a couple that will make you say – “I didn’t know that!”
MacKeeper – avoid at all costs! Read about class-action law suit.
Looking to protect your valuable data? Then primary in your consideration should be that you backup offsite. Read this article by Joe Kissell who teamed up with the review site (The Wirecutter). Spend some time reading the CrashPlan review and so much more.
It’s terribly time consuming to drag a cd or dvd to the trash to eject. Joke! Put Disk Eject in your menu bar and save time. Find out how to do that.
Here’s Keychain 101 (Apple’s Password Manager). I admit I use Keychain and 1Password and I’m happy with the convenience.
The Apple Event is next week on Wednesday September 9. You should not miss the Apple Event keynote. It’s fun to see the new announcements and the excitement. Watch it live on your computer at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Betty’s Bookmarks, August 2015
iOS 9 should arrive in mid-September. Read about it now and be ready.
El Capitan is your next operating system. Find out here what’s new, what’s different and be ready for it’s release in the fall.
We’ve talking a lot about security recently. Read the article to understand your Mac’s firewall.
Siri is working with Apple Music. Here are 12 secret Siri commands for Apple Music. Try them out!
MacKeeper for your Mac. What a deal! Not! Check out the information in the links above. Remove MacKeeper!
More to read on security.
Learn more about staying safe on public wifi.
This is a VPN I’ve used when we travel. Try it free for 30 days. After that check out subscriptions and passes.
Here read about some measures and privacy settings that Apple device owners should know.
Use Siri to call Emergency Services. Read this and be aware of this.
Good video that will walk you through the process you need to take if a Safari pop-up is appearing on your Mac.

Betty’s Bookmarks, July 2015
Your Apple ID lets you access and store content in iCloud, make FaceTime calls, send iMessages, use Apple Pay, and purchase items from the App Store and iTunes Store. You’ve forgotten your Apple ID password? Oh, NO! Here’s the process for you to reset your password.
Getting your first iPhone or possibly a new one? Follow these steps to begin on the path of becoming an iPhone pro.
Get ready – El Capitan and iOS 9 are on the way. These links should spark your interest.
Using Gmail? Then you should be aware that you now can Undo Send. Follow the directions here and try it out. You’ll enable it and love it.
Shared albums in Photos for Mac and iOS is the best and very easy way to share your photos with friends and family.
Here are 9 slides containing the steps to format a startup drive for your Mac.
Learn about iBooks for your Mac and iOS devices. Your reading will be available on your Mac and devices and so will your bookmarks and notes.
By the time you read this Apple Music will have arrived with the iOS 8.4 update. Learn about it here and give it a try.

Betty’s Bookmarks, June 2015,0
Here’s yet another link to help you use the new Photos App for Mac.
Evernote – one of the greatest apps/website for your organizational needs. Learn about more Evernote can do for you here.
Password selection is important. Recovery of forgotten passwords means selecting answers that only you know to security questions. We’re bad at this! Let’s get better, find out how. AND always use a Password Manager!
Check out the content available on Apple TV. Not enough time in a day to see all that is offered.
Step by step directions here for setting up family sharing. It’s fun – try it!
Before you set out on your summer travels take a look at some accessories you may need to keep your technology running.
Is the beachball rolling and rolling on your Mac? You may need to reinstall Yosemite or whatever system you’re running. Back up FIRST!
I’m really enjoying this site. This is a review from last month’s Bookmarks regarding updating Flash Player. At the end of the video you can click on a link that takes you to a video on removing adware from your system. It’s the same app from May Bookmarks. Check out David A. Cox’ upcoming classes – attend LIVE or view later on or on
Let’s read about staying safe on public wifi.

Betty’s Bookmarks, May 2015
This is a link to the website of David A. Cox. Don’t let the PC part of the site throw you! Below are some of the videos I’ve watched. I take exception to his view on using virus software. Watch the videos – he does share some interesting information. You can also register to watch his classes live online. Register on the site. Join his mailing list also. Oh, and enter contest for the Apple Watch. (1Password) (iCloud) (Photos for Mac 2015)
More for you on the new Photos app on the Mac.
Macworld podcast on Photos. Get all Macworld podcasts – subscribe in iTunes.
Lots of reasons to use 1Password in addition to storing your passwords.
Goodbye and so long to those photo duplicates and duds. Read how to get them out of your library. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).

The links below are all regarding adware which may or may not be living on your Mac. The question about removing adware has surfaced at club meetings. I downloaded the app in the last link and ran it. It found no adware – which didn’t surprise me, as I haven’t seen any sign of a culprit.
Here’s the quick and easy way to see if Adobe Flash really needs an update. When you receive a message to update Flash, follow these steps and check it out. Don’t fall for an imposter who only wants to install malware on your Mac. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).