Betty’s Bookmarks, August 2019
Buying a new phone? If you’ve been hesitating because you’re afraid that transferring your files will be a big and difficult task. Forget those old days. Read what a breeze it is and then go for it. Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG).

Just in case you’re an Android owner and you’ve decided to leave the dark side. Here’s how to transfer your data from Android to iO
Take a quick look at iOS 13 features. It’s coming soon so be ready.
Interesting information for you on changing the way you use Gmail. There are 10 tips so take it easy and learn to use one at a time.
How can anyone be excited about cleaning? Read how you can keep your equipment squeaky clean.
It’s August and THE CARD is supposed to be available in August. I’m talking about the Apple Card. Be ready for the introduction of this amazing advanced card which is owned and operated by Apple.
Listen to this Macworld podcast featuring Apple’s Q3 2019 earnings and the Apple Card. 

You have Preview on your Mac. Preview is an amazing app. If you haven’t used it – take a look at some useful features that you are sure to use often.

Betty’s Bookmarks, July 2019
Brush up on your Pages skills. You’ll find help here for using Pages on your Mac and on iOS devices.

Here’s an iOS Pages tutorial for you by David A. Cox.
Brush up on your Numbers skills. You’ll find help her for using Numbers on your Mac and on iOS devices.

Here’s a Mac Numbers tutorial for you by David A. Cox.
You haven’t tried Keynote yet? Begin here and you’ll probably be hooked.

Here’s a Keynote tutorial (sorry it’s dated). 
Another Keynote tutorial and a bit newer.
This is a short tutorial on Malwarebytes. That app has been discussed and recommended at SMUG and MIAMUG meetings. 

Betty’s Bookmarks, June 2019
Here you’ll find some basic instructions for using Text Edit. Text Edit comes with your Mac’s system. Text Edit is freee.Text Edit is a useful tool for so many reasons.
Waze is amazing! What is it? Watch this tutorial and you’ll see it’s a must for you and your traveling pleasure. If you already use Waze this tutorial may answer some questions you’ve been pondering.
Leo Laporte (aka The Tech Guy) has been around for years. If you’re not familiar with his podcast network, take a look and enjoy the training and information that Leo’s numerous podcasts make available for your learning pleasure.

Your Mac has built in macOS dictation. Okay, who has played around with macOS dictation. Not me! This Dictation Cheat Sheet is available for download. Pass this on. Individuals unable to use a computer because of physical disabilities wouldbene t immensely by using dictation.
Here’s a place to spend some time in your spare time. Gary Rosenzweig is the host. Use his YouTube Channel to learn from his huge array of short videos.
Go to this site and take a look at the podcasts here. These photography podcasts are guaranteed to provide you with much much information. Subscribe in iTunes or your favorite podcast app or listen on the website
This can’t be emphasized enough! BACK UP! This is a very comprehensive article that tells you why and how. Your job is – do it!
Last but not least – take care of yourself. Use the Health app which consolidates data from your iPhone, your watch and even 3rd party apps. Learn more about it here while you watch the videos.

Betty’s Bookmarks, May 2019

Both SMUG and MIAMUG members have been donating used and outdated technology equipment and books and magazines etc. to Kenya. Here I hope you’ll enjoy reading of the significant and impactful 30-year history of Delta College, Jack Crowell and Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RVIST).

Apple Watch users! Learn how to use Emergency SOS on your Apple Watch. All I can say is that it works!

Keylogger? They secretly record what you see, say and do on your computer. Cybercriminals use them and you should understand them and avoid them. This is the site. Their protection has been discussed and recommended at meetings. Take a look Malwarebytes FREE for your Macs.

The Apple Card – recently announced by Apple. Revolutionary YES! Read about it here and be ready when it arrives in the summer. I’m looking forward to it and you will too!

Both of these sites are about Photos, iCloud, storage, backup, etc. Read both of them in order as the second provides a solution not evident when the first article was posted. Interesting stuff and definitely useful if you find yourself not confident that keeping the only copy of your precious photo library in the Cloud meets your safety standards.

Now this is a tip that’s worth much more than the paper it’s written on. Find out how to use your phone as a magnifying glass. Try it and you’ll use it many times for many reasons.

Aging slows us down and so does an aging iPad. Here are some quick tips to speed up that iPad. Look for Next Up on the page and navigate through all 6 tips. It’s a bit confusing but it works.

Ideally, it’s a good idea to have more than one email account. Adding an account to use for newsletters, online purchases, etc. is a good idea. Keep your personal email address for corresponding with your relatives and friends. It’s easy – just do it.

Betty’s Bookmarks, April 2019
Your knowledge of phishing gives you POWER! Read this informative article and keep learning and stay ahead of ‘phishers’.
Here’s a beginner’s guide to cutting the cord. See if you’re up to it.
See if at least one of these iPhone tricks will be useful for you.
Learn here how to use the Screen time feature in iOS 12. Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG).
Thinking of moving your Photos library off your computer’s hard drive? This link will help you make the move to an external hard drive.
Siri tricks for your Apple Watch. Get them here.
Apple Watch Heart Study results from Apple and Stanford Medicine are here. Interesting information.
Get maximum cybersecurity with minimum effort. Read about how to do it here.

Betty’s Bookmarks, March 2019
Here’s something for you to do when it’s too cold to step outside! This is a user’s guide for you to learn and review
macOS Mojave. Click on Table of Contents and go for it.
Here’s something for Apple Watch owners or those of you who want to own an Apple Watch. The honeycomb app grid can be changed to a list view. Here’s how to do it!
Work on learning more about the iPhone’s Contacts App. Find some good tips here. Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG).
This is an outstanding YouTube video that you will enjoy as you brush up on MacOS Finder. If you don’t learn something we’ll know you didn’t watch the video. Submitted by David Morgan (MIAMUG).
So while we’re in the mood for learning – watch this YouTube video on MacOS Mojave. Sponsored by CleanMyMac not to be confused with MacKeeper, which is dangerous software.
Are you experiencing some strange errors in Safari? Read this article – it may help solve your problems.
Here’s a podcast from Mac Power Users that you may enjoy. The topic is Menu Bars, Docks and also Startup Apps. They discuss some really good apps. Click on the Feb 24 2019 podcast. You may also reach the podcast here:
There was so much interest in the Apple Watch at our recent MacCamp. Learn about it here and if you decide to buy I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The future of TeleHealth certainly includes the Apple Watch.

Betty’s Bookmarks, February 2019
The amazing Apple Pencil – learn about it here.
Selling or receiving a iPhone or iPad? Here you’ll see how removing the activation lock is a must.
Are you a new Mac user or just feel you need to brush up on using a Mac? Here’s an excellent tutorial by David A. Cox using Mojave. You haven’t installed Mojave? Hmmm why not?,2817,2429388,00.asp
This is just a teaser. The Analog to Digital SIG is proceeding in the talking/planning stage. Good time for you to look at all your photos, slides, audio, video, VCR tapes, etc. that you’d like to convert. Stay tuned and let SMUG & MIAMUG know your interest and needs.
AirPods are the best! If you’re new to AirPods or just need a refresher watch this excellent video.
Apple March Event is coming soon. Here’s a video talking about what we might expect to be announced. AirPods 2 and charging pad and more.
Let’s discover the Home app if you haven’t adopted it! If you have, how do you use it? What works for you?
Learn more about the Health app. There’s lots there.

Betty’s Bookmarks, January 2019
It’s all about organization. Initiate stacks and enjoy a cleaner desktop than you have ever had.
A good resolution for 2019 – Security is most important.
Probably a review but necessary information for everyone.
Your device is backed up – now how do you restore it.
More on backups.
Lots of concern always and most recently about Facebook.Kim Komando addresses the issue.
Check this out and decide if you want to use Wi-Fi Assist on your phone.
David A. Cox is back with a good video for us. He’ll show us how to gain control over that overstuffed inbox in Apple Mail.

Betty’s Bookmarks, December 2018
Be the life of the party when you ‘doctor-up’  your photos with Markup Tools that are included in Mac OS. Simple instructions here. Show off your creativity and soon you’ll have everyone yukking or at least giggling.
Apple Watch owners! That is Series 4 Apple Watch owners! It’s finally here – well almost! ECG functionality is expected to be released any day now. So keep an eye out for Watch OS 5.1.2.
Here are reviews and some buying advice for best VPN (virtual private network) services. Good explanation in the article of just what a VPN is. There is a lot to learn in this article.
You’re paying for iCloud storage for your photos and now you’re thinking of saving the $$$ and storing your photos locally??? Well, make sure you follow this HOW-TO before you downgrade your iCloud storage.
Here’s another tip for Series 4 Apple Watch users. Apple does not have a built-in sleep tracking function YET. However, until Apple steps up to the plate you can use a 3rd party app keep track of everything you slept through.
Each year I like to listen to the MacPower User’s podcast called Geek Gift Guide. You can listen to the podcast directly at the link above. Then follow the links to every Geek Gift. You may even find stuff you want and didn’t even know you wanted it.
Are $$$ slipping through your fingers as the holidays get closer? So why not make it easier but safer as you do your shopping. No more losing your wallet or your purse. No more leaving a store and forgetting your credit card. Leave all those worries on the door step and begin feeling the ease of Apple Pay. Keep a firm grip on your phone!
We repeat – use a password manager! However, add another layer of security with 2-Factor Verification or Authentication. Here is the Ultimate Guide to all you need to know and do to give you a sense of security that you don’t have when you just use a password or a security question at sites you visit.

Betty’s Bookmarks, November 2018
iOS 12 gave us Siri Shortcuts. If you haven’t tried Shortcuts, let’s do it. I’m working on it – seems like a mountain not a hill! Here are four websites that will potentially give us the help we need.
Whew! Shortcuts aren’t for SISSIES! Watch and rewatch this video like I did.
Instructions are here – to see and manage Keychain Passwords on your iPhone or iPad.
A step in the right direction: Apple is now allowing U.S. customers to download a copy of their data. I attempted a small download but still waiting for results. Update: still waiting. Give it a try. The directions are easy to follow,
Use your airpods as hearing aids – watch this video and give it a try. Next time you’re partying and can’t hear what anyone is saying it may be beneficial.
Evernote users – this is for you! Your data is yours – so if you want to feel confident that your data is accessible and in your control – download your files. Here’s how to do it.