Betty’s Bookmarks, April 2014
How to use Do-Not-Disturb to help you stay focused (Mavericks).
VERY complete review of iOS 7.1. Don’t miss any of it. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG and MIAMUG).
More good information on iOS 7.1. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG and MIAMUG).
Out of storage on your iPhone or iPad? You need to read this.
Here’s a introduction for you to 25 iPad apps. Make sure you check them all out. There’s also a link to 15 FREE iPad games.
Troubleshooting tip for you if you have a broken power button.
This is a neat trick for you to use on your iPhone (or iPad). Try it! Hide/conceal from prying eyes.
Have you wondered what is causing your MacBook battery to drain so quickly. For answers, read this and learn to use the Activity Monitor app.
This site was created following the closure of MacFixIt. It’s in the beginning stages but new articles are posted each day. Keep it handy for info when you need to use, troubleshoot and repair your Mac. Submitted by Jerry Brasseur (SMUG).
Preview is a great document viewer that is installed on your Mac. Get to know what it is. Here’s a tip that allows you to move pages between PDF documents.

Betty’s Bookmarks, March 2014
We’re all in the process of getting used to using Mavericks. Don’t forget the HELP that is at your fingertips in the Help Center. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG and MIAMUG).
Have you ever tried to empty Trash and some files just don’t obey. Read about a solution here. While you’re on this site you’ll find many other useful tips.
Here’s another site helping us with the complaint – Why does my iPhone battery die so fast?
Submitted by Gloria Groll (SMUG).
This is an interesting article regarding your Mac’s performance. See what’s fact and what’s fiction.
Are you wondering how to watch a movie from your computer on AppleTV – find out here!
Having trouble with Mail and Gmail since you installed Mavericks? Check out the info here.
Save time by creating your own keyboard shortcuts. It’s a simple process and you’ll enjoy the extra time in your day.
Most of us try to avoid Windows users, but if you can’t, learn how to share a Pages file with them.
This question was asked at MacCamp. What should I buy – a laptop or an iPad. Read here for interesting points to consider.
The SMUG March meeting topic is ‘Backing Up’. Prepare for the discussion and be ready with information from these informative articles.

Betty’s Bookmarks, February 2014
Here’s a useful site for the weather watcher and we know most of us are hooked on watching weather weather in MI. Submitted by Gloria Groll (SMUG).
We have been promised that our next season, which is called SPRING, will arrive sometime. And with spring comes baseball. Baseball fans PREPARE! Submitted by Lee Pavlik (SMUG & MIAMUG) and former Texas Rangers fan, currently a Tiger fan!
Happy Birthday, Mac. Enjoy the video!
This is fun. Contribute your life with Macintosh here. It’s easy and interesting. Add your story to the statistics.
Time to learn something. Get lots of good info here about your email.
This works. I did try it. Check your batteries on your remote. I had good luck using my webcam on my laptop not so much on my iPhone.
Your contacts may be begging for your attention. Learn more about contacts here.
This is a helpful article about sharing your music. Learn something you may not know about iTunes here.

Betty’s Bookmarks, January 2014
Saving time is good. Save lots of time by learning the usefulness of the Finder’s sidebar.
iCloud Keychain is Apple’s basic password management. If you’re not using 1Password or another password management app, you must learn about iCloud Keychain and use it. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Here’s a method to use when a website refuses to save passwords to iCloud Keychain.
Okay, so it’s too late for a 2014 calendar but learn about making a calendar for 2015 and be ready to go.
Read about some suggestions for extending the life of your devices. Make sure you read all 4 parts to the article. Scroll down to see #2, #3 and #4.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to add PDFs to the iBooks app. Now you can. Read on!
Great article if you or someone you know just received a new Mac from Santa.
Getting started guides for your new iPad are available at these 2 sites. You did gift yourself with one, didn’t you?

Betty’s Bookmarks, December, 2013
Erase yourself from the Internet – read all about it!
This isn’t for everyone – but someone gutsy out there may appreciate this article. Take a look!
Here’s a Mavericks dictation feature you may not know about. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
iCloud can help manage passwords if you’re using the latest versions of OS X iOS. Learn about the capabilities here.
Have you every wondered where some of the biggest names (Bluetooth, Apple, etc) in tech come from. Read some interesting history here. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Interesting article regarding what’s affecting your WiFi speed.
Here’s how you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. That is, if you have the cellular plan that offers you that internet connection. Find out from your provider.
Learn how to save time and data usage by not loading email images in iOS

Betty’s Bookmarks, November 2013
Check this site out for a ton of app info. Download the free app – Apps Gone Free – you’ll surely find something you need. Submitted by Jerry Brasseur (SMUG).
Good info on image editing in iPhoto.
Working on an iTunes project. You need to read this!
Text Edit is an app we all have on our Macs. Do you know how simply it can meet your writing needs? Find out here. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Make sure you are using the proper procedure and materials to clean your Apple products. Submitted by Jerry Brasseur (SMUG).
Most of us know Mike PJ (Piatek-Jimenez). He has a new photography endeavor and site and it’s great. Good luck, Mike! Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
You should know the importance of using secure passwords. Macworld offers an excellent article on the new 1Password4.
A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube is located right here.
Here’s the guide used at the October SMUG meeting. You’ll find 90 iOS 7 tips.
Installing Mavericks? This is for you.
Make a bootable Mavericks install drive. Instructions found here.

Betty’s Bookmarks, October 2013
If you’d like iTunes to do things you wish it did, here are the tips you need.
Are you having issues with understanding Photo Stream? Dive into Photo Stream with this link. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Excellent article to help with some frustrating issues you could be having with your Apple ID. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
You won’t believe this. Read on! Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Does your Mac take forever to start up? Learn about managing your login and startup items.
You must read this – you’re probably missing how much Siri can do for you. She/he does almost everything! Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Help is on the way! This is a great site to know about. It contains easy to understand routine maintenance information for OS X.
Are you having iPhone 5 envy? Check your eligibility if you’ve signed a 2-year contract or you’ll pay full price for that iPhone.
You’re seeing lots of changes in iOS 7! Here’s some help with the Settings app. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).

Betty’s Bookmarks, September 2013
Not just for app-addicts. Lots of good info here.
Read about finder commands you’ll enjoy using. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG). Macworld site has those annoying and noisy videos. Download an extension for Safari and be done with them!
Good reading about configuring and partitioning an external hard drive for your Time Machine backup and file storage and bootable backups.
Anybody willing to try this?
Remember nothing is free. Read this and be careful. Submitted by Jerry Brasseur (SMUG) and Mary Nesset (SMUG and MIAMUG).
Turn on iCloud and manage your email. Here are some tips.
More on saving your battery on your iPhone or iPad.
Take screenshots – very easy. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG)
Excellent reminder for Mac users. Keep your Mac secure.

Betty’s Bookmarks, August 2013
Here are some excellent Mac 101 articles. Lots to learn here. Submitted by Mary Nesset (SMUG & MIAMUG).
Time to start preparing for what you’ll find in Mavericks. It will be here soon!
Good shortcut sheets for you to download.
Learn more about iTunes 11 here.
Here are 3 sites to help you improve battery life on your iPhone.
Spend some time here learning from short youtube videos by Tecca TV. You’ll surely find something that you need to know. Submitted by Nancy Pavlik.

Betty’s Bookmarks, July 2013
Even if you do use Evernote – you’ll find some uses here that you might not be aware of. Take a look! If you don’t use Evernote – you’ll probably see why you should.
This is an interesting history lesson of significant Apple keynotes. There’s a short paragraph for each describing why it made the list. Use arrow to left of slide window.
Shopping for an alternative browser? Here are some suggestions. And more here:
More on passwords. Bottom line – use a password manager.
We’re all patiently waiting for iOS 7 or not so patiently. Read all about it!