March, 2021
Oh my, oh my! The HomePod mini can do so much. Read about it here. It may be just the distraction you need to get you through the final stretch of COVID.
Here’s Gary from with a short video on Using System Preferences. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch many more videos at your convenience. Check other opportunities on Gary’s website. He does offer classes for a charge. Subscribe to his Podcast and learn a new tip from each day.
Preview is a FREE app that comes on your Mac. If you are unfamiliar with it, learn about it here. It’s powerful.
Quick explanation about those orange and green dots in your iPhone’s status bar.
If you use iCloud Drive here’s some info that will help you understand what’s going on and how you control the space on your Mac.
Back up! Back up! REPEAT!!! Here’s a very good intro to 1Password. It’s not the only password manager around but it’s the best IMO.
Now here’s something to work on during this time. Work on Home Sharing. Learn how to access you media on your Mac from your iPhone or iPad.
Flash Player be gone! You don’t need it and it won’t be updated. So uninstall in ASAP.

February, 2021
Are you wondering if you can install Big Sur? Hurry to this website and verify that the apps you use daily or often will run on Big Sur. I use SuperDuper and it’s not ready for Big Sur. Check before you leap!
Do you talk to yourself and would like to store those audio messages on your iPhone or iPad? This is a most handy app on your phone. You can cleanup background noise and then fill your memos into folders you make. Save memories.
Here’s a quick lesson on using the Dock on your Apple Watch.
Here’s a quick lesson about customizing the Photos widget on your iPhone. Now you can choose the photos you want to see.
Before you sell, give away or trade-in your iPhone or iPad - DO THIS!
Don’t forget your Apple Watch.
Good time to use this site to check your security.
We’re at iOS 14.4 now. Look at this site to see if you missed something in previous updates.

January, 2021
I hope you’ve received or gifted yourself some AirPods. If so, enjoy a good audio book, a podcast or some music or whatever. Here’s a use you might not know about. Use them as a hearing assistant. When we can finally resume being in crowded, noisy rooms again, this will help you hear a conversation better. Read all about it here.
Here’s a how-to that probably will come in handy. Try it now and save the process for later when you need it.
This question is asked so often. How do I change my Apple ID? It’s possible and easy.
I’m using Assistive Touch on my iPad and iPhone and I’m loving it. Read about it here and enjoy the time you save. You’ll need to dedicate some time to the setup because there are lots of options. Have fun!
Tap tap. Yes, tap tap the back of your iPhone running iOS 14. Watch the video and get started.
Free up space on your iPhone or iPad. Follow the directions in the video. It’s amazing what is wasting space on your device.
Are you on your last nerve with robocalls? Interesting article here. I’ve recently installed YouMail, mentioned in the article. Read the article and I wish you good luck outsmarting the robo. Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG & SMUG).
I recently saw a presentation by Derrick Story. If photography is your interest you must get to know this man. Great website and great podcasts as well.
We discussed this app at a recent SMUG meeting. It supplies valuable information for First Responders after you’ve enacted Emergency SOS on your phone. Read all about Smart911 on the website. Watch the video. Sign up for an account. In your account you will add helpful and necessary information that First Responders need to find you and help you and possibly save you.

December, 2020
Have you ever received an email containing a date, location or phone number? Find out here how that data can be used in Calendar, Contacts, etc. Heads up! Look at the top of the page and select the system version you’re using.
Use iCloud Backup so that you have of copy of the information on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Here learn how you iPhone backs up and stores your Apple Watch data.
Use Time Machine to create a backup of the files on your Mac.

In each of the 3 support articles above be sure to click on the links contained in each article for more important information.

The 5 links above all pertain to Big Sur. Make sure you prepare yourself by reading each article before you upgrade.

November, 2020
iOS 14 was released. Learn about and install after you watch these two videos.
Apple One has been released. Read all about it here. Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and different sizes of iCloud storage. Three plans are available so one of them is sure to meet your needs.
Apple One has something for everyone and especially when you share with your family members. Check it out. Great gift - shopping finished!
Find out here what happens with your iCloud storage with Apple One.
Read about the sleep tracking feature with iOS 14 and watch OS7. Good sleep improves everything.
Okay - just in time for this issue. iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 just released. Read and watch info on this update.

October, 2020
I’ve not had to export health data and perhaps you haven’t either. BUT read this and be prepared if you health provider asks for your data. Hint: This page is so cluttered. The page is more readable if you click on Reader View. Do you use Reader View? If not, let’s talk about it at a meeting.
More about exporting health data.
I haven’t tried to make a local backup of ICloud Photos synced library but I’m willing to try. I’m looking for several people who would like to deep dive into this process. Let me know and we’ll set up a Zoom meeting and do it. The line forms here!
A few weeks ago Apple released a firmware update to your AirPods Pro. Read and learn about it here.
Don’t touch that keypad! It’s not clean, in fact, it’s dangerous. Read more here.
So much good here in the Apple Books app. Make good use of this. You’ll love it.
Have you ever looked at Composing Preferences in Mail on your mac? Look here to change the options you’ve been living with. Note: At top of page be sure to select the operating system you’re using.
We’re always concerned about iPhone battery life. Check out this for sure.

September, 2020
Here are some sites that Zack talked about at our August SMUG meeting. Both sites will enable you to set up temporary email addresses. Anything to stop the Spam and Junk from arriving at your personal address.
A question was asked about restarting the Apple Watch. Seems like lots of people need this information.
Someone at the August meeting was interested in registering a domain name. Many people were interested in this as well.
Apple has updated it’s Support App. If you don’t have it on your iPhone - get it now. The update allows you to add a Genius Bar appointment to your Wallet. Think you don’t need it? Get it and be ready because you will sometime.
Take a look at some Big Sur features. Big Sur will be her soon.
Apple Air Tags are finally coming for us! Honest!
It’s always good to learn something new or brush up on something you do know and forgot about. Watch this YouTube video and enjoy

August, 2020
The Home app - what a great app! Control lights, thermostat and more. Also use Siri to turn on and control accessories.
Brush up on backing up. Remember that’s something you should be doing regularly.
More to learn or relearn. Here’s the information you need to check and free up storage space on your Mac.
Don’t forget your iPhone! You need to manage your storage space on your iPhone.
Here’s how to check storage on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Have you used Apple Pay? This link will give you all the info you need.
Go over this Apple support information. You’re sure to learn something.
When you have to set up Mail on a new computer sometimes one mistake will cause problems. Go to LOOK UP YOUR MAIL SETTINGS on this page. Apple looks them up for you. Don’t go away then - click on the other links and learn all about Mail.
Take a look at Apple support of Keynote. You’ll be glad you did. Psstt - presentations of Mail and Keynote will debut soon at SMUG and MIAMUG. Be ready!

July, 2020
I enjoy receiving an interesting and refreshing email each morning from Lost in Michigan. I thought you’d also enjoy seeing the photos of ‘off the beaten track’ Michigan sites and buildings. You’ll learn a bit of Michigan history as well. Make sure you subscribe in order to receive the emails. Books can be ordered on the site.
MacWorld provides a look at 31 Mac apps you might recognize and even thought of buying or trying. You may view them one slide at a time or see the entire list by clicking on All Slides.
iOS 13.5 was recently introduced. Read about the update and keep your devices updated for better performance and security.
Watch a youtube video about Apple Card features and benefits.
WOW - Apply for an Apple Card and Earn $50 Daily Cash when you use it for an an Apple Service. Now how easy is that?
Not convinced yet? Read excellent article on MacRumors.
Okay this is my last enticement.
Thinking of an Apple Watch? At recent WWDC, Apple showed updates for watchOS 7. Read about them here.
Here’s David from Tech Talk American raving about highlights from WWDC. He will be adding a new channel in addition to his tutorials. It’s a live call in show. Text the number he shows on screen to be notified when the show is going live.

June, 2020
This is a “Just in Case” link - so take a look and get prepared.
Good article on how to use iCloud. Read about it and see how to use it to your advantage.
My iPhone is turned off - but is it still tracking my location?
AirPods Pro owners - read this! There’s a firmware update. See where to look to check and update.
Read about Apple Mail’s junk filtering.
Zooming or FaceTiming on your TV. See how it’s done.
Here’s more - mirror your iPhone or iPad display on Apple TV.
Here’s a dashboard designed to monitor the status of COVID-19 across Michigan

May, 2020
David A Cox discusses how to clean your Mac. The video is pre-Catalina so understand that there may be some differences. You’ll see an app demo - Clean Your Mac. Below is a link to learn more about that app before you try it.
Read please - Best Mac Cleaner Software and Optimization Utilities 2020 for a review on the best clean up utility apps for your Mac.
If you have an Apple Watch and lots of time on your hands. This is the article for you. You may even decide that you need to purchase an Apple Watch. Don’t miss the links in the article. Just click!
Here’s a basic list of internet terms you should know. This is a great way to learn. Test comes later.
Take some time to learn how to share iCloud folders. Sharing made easy.
Use Messages? You must do it! Here’s a fun activity. You do have time you know.
Get to know your iPad! You can do amazing things that you didn’t even know about. You must go to Settings>Home Screen & Dock>Multitasking>Allow Multiple Apps. Turn Allow Multiple Apps on.
The iPad Magic Keyboard. Read all about it! Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG).
Take a look at the Magic Keyboard on the Apple site.,9753,7-406-98163_98173---,00.html
Valuable data here on Covid-19

March, 2020
Brush up on Apple Maps. Remarkable progress.
Running out of space? Here’s some great information as you reclaim iCloud, Google or Dropbox space.
Extensive information on VPN services.
So important that you understand and utilize the Medical ID on your iPhone.
Thinking about installing a security camera? Read this first and learn.
WOW! This is an important video. You must watch and share it! Don’t forget to download and print the accompanying PDF.
Airpods!- I learned so much from these videos. I hope you do also.

February, 2020
It’s never too early or too late to review a Beginner’s Guide.
You’ve installed Catalina? Have you run into this??? The link should help you. Read on.
Here’s another Catalina change regarding watching movies with Apple TV that are located on your computer.
New iPhone? NO HOME BUTTON! On my! Don’t worry - this information will take care of everything.
Backing up? You must! We’re enjoying larger and larger amounts of data. Read about strategies to handle your massive backups.
You made a promise/resolution to exercise in 2020. Earn your achievement badges on your watch and keep your
Subscribe to Apple News+ and enjoy a multitude of magazines and newspapers and up-to-date news.
More than you could ever read! Your reading will always be with you at a very low price.
Recommending the Apple Card. Take a look and give it a try. So easy to use directly from your phone in many stores.

January, 2020
Interesting NYT article here by Adam Engst. You should take some time to read and be aware of what he discusses.
This is an Apple Security Guide. Best to look at the Table of Contents on the first page so you don’t miss anything.
New iPhone? Don’t lose a bit of data on your phone. Transfer and make it right.
I know you’re holding that new iPhone 11. Here’s what you do right now. Congratulations on your new iPhone!
Where was this article when I needed it? Maybe you want to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV? Use this helpful information and enjoy the big screen.
One of these articles is old but still relevant if you’re experiencing an old, slow but still functioning Mac. Take a look at both articles and become a Mac Genius.
Okay, I haven’t installed Catalina YET. This tutorial should/must give me the push I need in early 2020. Hope it entices you to get onboard. Let’s thank and support David A. Cox for his wonderful tutorials.
New Year Resolution! Make sure you back up often! This link gives you a wide assortment of backup apps as well as great tips about the importance of backing up. And while we’re discussing this - make sure you’re backing up your iPhone and iPad to the iCloud. Questions? Need help? MacCamp is a good place to learn about iCloud. See you there.

December, 2019
Most of us need to make a plan to manage our photos. If that speaks to you, check out this website for lots of useful information. PLEASE disregard all the advertising.
David A. Cox tutorial on organizing your photos.
RIP iTunes. Find the severed parts of iTunes after you read about it here.
David A. Cox tutorial on Mac OS Catalina.
Looking into the future of iPhones.
In previous link regarding iPhones of the future, you need to know more about the next generation wireless technology. Learn about it here.
More on 5G and health risk.
If a new computer appears under your Christmas tree you’ll need to prepare your old computer for resale or donation. Here you go!

November, 2019
So you’re ready for a new iPhone. No home button shouldn’t throw you. Like anything else you’ll adjust and soon learn all you can do without a home button.
Great info for those who have installed Catalina and can’t find iTunes any longer.
If you haven’t installed Catalina this appleinsider article was published in June, but it’s not too late. It is a heads up to prepare for Catalina by organizing your iTunes library.
You may have signed up for a subscription service. News+ or, for example. Here’s the process to unsubscribe.
Shopping season is here. Take a look at the iMore Best Reviews 2019.
ScreenCastsOnline has great tutorials for learning so much about Mac and iOS functions and apps. There is a cost but well worth it.
This is Dana Haynes (SMUG and MIAMUG) website for Apple Training and Support. Take a look at all you can learn with membership to Accularian.
Read and learn about the Apple Card, a smart credit card.
Catalina apparently has changed how audiobooks will be managed. Read up and see how you’ll handle this situation.

October, 2019
Go to and check this out. Become familiar before you’re in panic and need to erase you phone or other device.
If you aren’t extremely tired of Robo calls - then you’re lucky. Here’s a new report.
Apple Card - easy breezy! Everything you need to know is here from getting one, using one and paying your bill.
These three links were provided by the FBI agent who recently presented a Security discussion at the September SMUG meeting.
All about Apple ID. It seems confusing to some folks but it’s not. Take some time to read and learn and by all means stop yourself from creating a new ID if you already have one.
Wow - Updates for everyone! Read about them and update for your security.

September, 2019
Interesting article about Apple Watch capabilities or not.
At the recent MacCamp there was much discussion of VPNs. Further your education on them at these links.
Need to change your login password on your Mac? Here’s some information you should keep handy.
Want to change your Apple ID email address. Here’s what you need to know.
The Apple Card! It’s new and it’s great! Read all about it here.
If you’ve taken a ton of photos this summer, learn how to share your masterpieces with family and friends.
Alexa, are you listening? Stop it! Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG).

August, 2019
Buying a new phone? If you’ve been hesitating because you’re afraid that transferring your files will be a big and difficult task. Forget those old days. Read what a breeze it is and then go for it. Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG).
Just in case you’re an Android owner and you’ve decided to leave the dark side. Here’s how to transfer your data from Android to iOS.
Take a quick look at iOS 13 features. It’s coming soon so be ready.
Interesting information for you on changing the way you use Gmail. There are 10 tips so take it easy and learn to use one at a time.
How can anyone be excited about cleaning? Read how you can keep your equipment squeaky clean.
It’s August and THE CARD is supposed to be available in August. I’m talking about the Apple Card. Be ready for the introduction of this amazing advanced card which is owned and operated by Apple.
Listen to this Macworld podcast featuring Apple’s Q3 2019 earnings and the Apple Card.
You have Preview on your Mac. Preview is an amazing app. If you haven’t used it - take a look at some useful features that you are sure to use often.