September, 2019
Interesting article about Apple Watch capabilities or not.
At the recent MacCamp there was much discussion of VPNs. Further your education on them at these links.
Need to change your login password on your Mac? Here’s some information you should keep handy.
Want to change your Apple ID email address. Here’s what you need to know.
The Apple Card! It’s new and it’s great! Read all about it here.
If you’ve taken a ton of photos this summer, learn how to share your masterpieces with family and friends.
Alexa, are you listening? Stop it! Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG).

August, 2019
Buying a new phone? If you’ve been hesitating because you’re afraid that transferring your files will be a big and difficult task. Forget those old days. Read what a breeze it is and then go for it. Submitted by Dale Stephan (MIAMUG).
Just in case you’re an Android owner and you’ve decided to leave the dark side. Here’s how to transfer your data from Android to iOS.
Take a quick look at iOS 13 features. It’s coming soon so be ready.
Interesting information for you on changing the way you use Gmail. There are 10 tips so take it easy and learn to use one at a time.
How can anyone be excited about cleaning? Read how you can keep your equipment squeaky clean.
It’s August and THE CARD is supposed to be available in August. I’m talking about the Apple Card. Be ready for the introduction of this amazing advanced card which is owned and operated by Apple.
Listen to this Macworld podcast featuring Apple’s Q3 2019 earnings and the Apple Card.
You have Preview on your Mac. Preview is an amazing app. If you haven’t used it - take a look at some useful features that you are sure to use often.