Bylaws of the Saginaw Macintosh Users Group
Last Updated at July 2010 meeting

  1. Name
    The name of the Users Group shall be the “Saginaw Macintosh Users Group”, hereafter, called “Club”.
  2. Objectives
    The role of the Club shall be:

    1. Promote the benefits and knowledge of the Apple Macintosh computer.
    2. Provide the medium of frequent and informal exchange on computer systems, techniques, applications, installation, equipment, software, and documentation.
    3. Stimulate a creative environment for Macintosh computer users.
    4. Exchange only proper use of public domain and copyright materials.
  3. Membership
    Open to any person interested in the objectives of the Club and fulfilling the membership requirements:

    1. Pay the annual dues and any subsequently approved membership-approved assessment.
    2. Participate in activities of the Club, including, but not limited to, monthly meeting, organized sessions, and service as an officer and/or member on a support commitee.
  4. Dues
    1. Annual dues shall be in the amount to be determined by the board and approved by the membership.
    2. Annual dues for registered high school or college students will be determined by the board and approved by the membership.
    3. Dues for Board members serving for the year of their term shall be waived.
    4. Annual dues are due January 1st. A member failing to remit dues within sixty (60) days after January 1st shall be dropped from the Club membership list.
    5. Annual dues for new members shall be pro-rated on a six-month basis.
  5. Board of Directors
    1. The membership shall elect a Board of Directors who shall be responsible for the overall operation, conduct, and policy of the Club.
    2. The Board shall consist of no more than twelve (12) officers who are elected for a one-year term from the membership at large.
    3. If at any time the Board has fewer than twelve (12) officers, the officers may nominate members of the Club as needed to serve as officers of the Board, with the approval of the Club.
    4. Business conducted by these officers may include but is not restricted to:
      1. Creating and/or dissolving special committees.
      2. Appointing and/or releasing persons assigned to these committees.
      3. Sanctioning and/or dissolving Club organizations.
      4. Considering and recommending other business.
    5. The duties of the officers of the Board shall be determined by the Board.
    6. The officers of the Board may include:
      • Chairperson
      • Membership coordinator
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary/Web liason
      • Webmaster
      • Equipment manager
      • Librarian
      • Purchaser
      • Publicity coordinator
      • Photographer
      • Members-at-large
  6. Elections
    1. Nominations for the Board of Directors are to be made at the general membership meeting in September. Nominations can be made from the floor by an active member during that part of the meeting set aside for this purpose. No seconds are required. No nominations can be made without the prior agreement of the nominee to accept that position.
    2. Voting shall be done at the general membership meeting in October. Newly-elected Board members shall assume their position at the conclusion of the December general membership meeting.
  7. Committees
    1. Such committees as may be required for the operation of the Club may be created and dissolved with members appointed by the Board of Directors.
    2. The chairperson of each committee shall attend the monthly Board meeting and report to the Board on their activities. They will have no vote at the Board meeting.
  8. Headquarters
    Location and address of this Club shall be determined by the Board.
  9. Meetings
    The Club shall meet monthly for both business and social purpose at a time and place determined by the Board and approved by the membership.
  10. Official Publication
    The official publication of the Club shall be posted on the website of the Club.
  11. Amendments
    1. Amendments of the Bylaws must be submitted at a meeting, to be voted upon at the next regular general membership meeting.
    2. A quorum shall be established when the number of members present is equal to or greater than twenty-five percent (25%) of the current membership list.
    3. A majority vote of the members present at the meeting is required to pass an amendment.
  12. Order of Business
    The agenda for regular meetings shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  13. Effective Dates
    These bylaws shall be effective on adoption by the Members of the Club. Any amendment adopted according to procedure herein specified shall become effective on the date it is approved. The adoption date of all amendments to these bylaws shall become part of the bylaws. The original and all subsequent issues of the bylaws shall be preserved in the permanent records of the Club.
  14. Dissolution
    Upon the dissolution of the Club, the incumbent treasurer shall liquidate all assets of the organization via auction(s). Monies from these auction(s) , after deductions to meet any outstanding debts, shall be distributed to the members by dividing amongst the current membership. Each member shall receive one share which will be weighted to reflect the number of years they have been a continuous member of the Club. Members resigning or lapsing from the Club, as a result of non-renewal of dues, shall by such action acknowledge that they have no right to retention or claim to the proceeds of the Club’s dissolution fund.
  15. Legal Responsibility
    Policy All Club programs, comments, and technology are presented in good faith. This includes members helping other members. Any equipment malfunction, data loss, or software problems resulting from information learned in the course of any Club activity shall be deemed unforeseeable. Members, officers, and Board members are not to be held responsible for such mishaps. Neither are members, officers, and Board members responsible for injuries sustained in the course of attending Club activities. All members of the Club must be made aware of this policy and agree to it in writing as a condition of membership.