Mary’s X Files, July 2019

Flash Mac Notifications

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If audible alerts are often missed on your Mac you can go to System Preferences>Accessibility>Audio and enable ‘Flash the screen when an alert sound occurs’. The subtle screen flash when a new notification comes in will make sure that important notifications are never missed.

A Trackpad Hack on iOS

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You may be aware of this feature, but if not, it will completely change how you use your iPhone. Hold down on the spacebar of your keyboard in any app that supports written input and a virtual trackpad will appear for you to navigate to a particular point. It is much easier to use if dexterity is more difficult for you.

Make an Apple logo () on a Mac

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You may not think that creating an Apple logo is a big deal, but there are many times when it could come in handy and make messages and emails more personal. Simply hit Option+ Shift+K and a sweet looking Apple logo will be input.

Hack Fast Charging on iPhone

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When your battery is low and you need to go out, every minute is crucial to get enough charge for your trip. Go to the Control Center and hit the Airplane Mode icon before you charge to speed up the process. It really does make a difference.

Where Have you Been?

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When browsing using Safari, tap and hold the back icon at the bottom of the screen (on iPhone) or at the top of the screen (on Mac) to see all of your recent history. This will bring up a list of websites and you can tap any one of these if you want to jump straight back to it. A brilliant solution to an annoying problem.

I’m At…

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In Messages on iOS, you can type ‘I’m at’  (+ spacebar) and you will see an option for ‘Current Location’ appear. Tap this and a map showing your current location will immediately be sent to the other party. It’s a simple way to let someone know where you are at this exact moment.

Using mailboxes on a Mac in the ‘Mail’ App

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How to keep your emails organized — if you generally receive stacks of emails every day, then staying organized and finding the ones that you need to respond to quickly and easily can be a nightmare. But by creating a new mailbox within Mail, you can store and recall emails easily.

1. Create a New Mailbox

Mailboxes are another name for folders and are best used to store, for example, receipts or newsletters. To create one, go to Mailbox>New Mailbox or right-click in the Mailboxes sidebar.

2. Select a Location

Your new mailbox can either be located on your Mac (meaning it can’t be accessed from other devices or through a web browser) or within your Mail account. We would certainly recommend the latter.

3. Name and save

Finally, give your new mailbox a logical and memorable name that best describes its contents. Keep it short so it isn’t cut off when displayed in the sidebar. Click ‘OK’ to create the mailbox.