Betty’s Bookmarks, June 2019
Here you’ll find some basic instructions for using Text Edit. Text Edit comes with your Mac’s system. Text Edit is freee.Text Edit is a useful tool for so many reasons.
Waze is amazing! What is it? Watch this tutorial and you’ll see it’s a must for you and your traveling pleasure. If you already use Waze this tutorial may answer some questions you’ve been pondering.
Leo Laporte (aka The Tech Guy) has been around for years. If you’re not familiar with his podcast network, take a look and enjoy the training and information that Leo’s numerous podcasts make available for your learning pleasure.

Your Mac has built in macOS dictation. Okay, who has played around with macOS dictation. Not me! This Dictation Cheat Sheet is available for download. Pass this on. Individuals unable to use a computer because of physical disabilities wouldbene t immensely by using dictation.
Here’s a place to spend some time in your spare time. Gary Rosenzweig is the host. Use his YouTube Channel to learn from his huge array of short videos.
Go to this site and take a look at the podcasts here. These photography podcasts are guaranteed to provide you with much much information. Subscribe in iTunes or your favorite podcast app or listen on the website
This can’t be emphasized enough! BACK UP! This is a very comprehensive article that tells you why and how. Your job is – do it!
Last but not least – take care of yourself. Use the Health app which consolidates data from your iPhone, your watch and even 3rd party apps. Learn more about it here while you watch the videos.