Betty’s Bookmarks, February 2019
The amazing Apple Pencil – learn about it here.
Selling or receiving a iPhone or iPad? Here you’ll see how removing the activation lock is a must.
Are you a new Mac user or just feel you need to brush up on using a Mac? Here’s an excellent tutorial by David A. Cox using Mojave. You haven’t installed Mojave? Hmmm why not?,2817,2429388,00.asp
This is just a teaser. The Analog to Digital SIG is proceeding in the talking/planning stage. Good time for you to look at all your photos, slides, audio, video, VCR tapes, etc. that you’d like to convert. Stay tuned and let SMUG & MIAMUG know your interest and needs.
AirPods are the best! If you’re new to AirPods or just need a refresher watch this excellent video.
Apple March Event is coming soon. Here’s a video talking about what we might expect to be announced. AirPods 2 and charging pad and more.
Let’s discover the Home app if you haven’t adopted it! If you have, how do you use it? What works for you?
Learn more about the Health app. There’s lots there.