Mary’s X Files, October 2018

Listen to your music on a countdown timer on iPhone
If you enjoy listening to music as you try to fall asleep then you don’t have to worry about it blaring unattended when you nod off because you can set it to end on a timer. To do this, open the Clock app, select timer and then, under ‘When Time Ends’, choose the ‘Stop Playing’ option. Now, if you set a timer for, say, 20 minutes, any music will stop playing when it expires.

Charge quicker on iPhone
This tip seems to work across every iOS device, regardless of what iOS it is running. If you want to reduce the amount of time your device spends connected to a power source then simply swipe up to Control Centre and turn on Airplane mode (make sure all connections are off). With no power-hungry services on, it will charge noticeably quicker. Handy to know if your time at a plug socket is limited.

Flash to notify on iOS
If you want a more visual alert from your iPhone when a new notifications comes through then go to Settings>General>Accessibility and then activate ‘LED Flash for Alerts’. Your iPhone’s flash will now illuminate to herald a new notification, making it even harder to miss. This will drain your iPhone battery faster, though.

Sign and share documents digitally using Preview
If you need to sign a document, scan and send it digitally then this is made easy with Preview’s built-in toolset. But in order to sign documents digitally you must first create a signature. Go to View>Show Markup Toolbar and you should see a signature icon – click on this and then choose the ‘Create Signature’ option that appears. You should then be able to add a new signature by either using a trackpad or signing a piece of paper and then holding it up to your Mac’s camera.

1. Apply a signature
When you have a saved signature, open the PDF and click on the Sign icon in the Markup Toolbar and choose your signature. It will be automatically placed in the document.

2. Position and resize
Click and hold on the signature to move it into the desired location, and then click and drag one of the corners to resize it, scaling it down to fit if need be.

Share Wi-Fi passwords in iOS
To ensure that only one member of your party has to go through the hassle of typing in a password to access a wireless network, Wi-Fi passwords can be shared with nearby devices. As long as both devices are running iOS 11, go to Settings>Wi-Fi and tap on the wireless network that you want to join – the ‘Enter Password’ screen should now be displayed. Now move your device closer to the connected one and a prompt should appear on their screen to ‘Share Password’.

Delete digits in Calculator on iPhone
If you accidentally enter the wrong digit while inputting figures into the iOS Calculator app then you don’t have to press ‘C’ to start again. Simply swipe one finger either left or right across the display and the last entered digit will be instantly deleted.

Swipe pages in iOS
In Safari, in iOS, while viewing web pages you can swipe left or right to go backwards or forwards a screen respectively. This is certainly quicker than using the onscreen arrows.