Mary’s X Files, July 2018

Review your Subscriptions on iOS
If you want to view and manage existing subscriptions, such as an Apple Music subscription, for example, then this is all done through the Settings app. Just tap on your Apple ID at the top of the page to access a wealth of options.

1. Go to Settings – Launch your Settings app and then tap on your Apple ID at the top of the Settings screen. Next, tap on ‘iTunes & App Store’. 2. Tap on Apple ID – Next, tap on your Apple ID again (which will be blue), select ‘View Apple ID’ and then sign into your account.
3. Review Subs – You will now be able to scroll down and tap on the ‘Subscriptions’ option to view and manage your subs.

View Alerts and Purchases on iOS
Once you are into your Apple ID account, there is much you can do. For example, you can set up Family Sharing, edit your payment information and manage all aspects of your account. Here are some of the extra options available.

1. Manage Alerts – Tap on the ‘Manage’ option under My Alerts and you will be able to manage alerts for artists you follow in Apple Music.
2. View Purchases – Tap on the ‘Purchase History’ option to view all of the apps you have downloaded in the last 90 days over al devices.
3. Apple Offers – Under iTunes Newsletters and Special Offers, tap ‘Manage’ and you will be asked to sign into a Safari page to manage these.

Manage your Accounts on a Mac
Things are slightly different when trying to manage your Apple ID on a Mac. There is nothing in System Preferences that covers this; instead you have to do it through the iTunes app itself. Here we’ll guide your through the process.

1. Find the Option – in iTunes, click on the ‘Store’ tab at the top of the interface and then you will see a ‘Music Quick Links’ option in the right column. 2. Choose Method – Click on ‘Account’ and sign into your Apple account then you will be taken to an extensive page of options to review.
3. Manage Subs – If you would like to cancel a subscription then, under ‘Settings’, click on the ‘Manage’ option next to Subscriptions.

Prepare for the Long Wait at the Airport when Traveling
The wait at the airport can feel like forever when you are looking forward to your trip or can’t wait to get back home, but your trusty iPhone can give you all of the entertainment and interest you need to make it feel much more bearable. Using the right apps wisely can help a lot.

1. Offline Films – Netflix and similar services now let you download selected films and TV shows so that you can watch them anywhere. You should do this before you leave for your trip.
2. Don’t Stream – If you subscribe to services like Apple Music, you can download tracks to play without an internet connection. This could also save data roaming fees when abroad.
3. Gaming on the Go – Don’t forget to install a few games for those moments when you are unexpectedly delayed. From two minutes to two hours, they can help the time pass very quickly. 4. Light Reading – A few eBooks will go a long way on the beach, in the airport or anywhere else when you need some downtime. Kindle and iBooks both work exceptionally well.

5. Offline Articles – Apps and services like Instapaper and Pocket let you download Longford articles to read anywhere. These work well on leisure trips because they tend to be quick reads.