Gumdrop Case Review by Jerry Brasseur

The Gumdrop case I received to review is for the 11” MacBook Air.

I was rather dismayed when first trying to figure out how to put it on as the directions were quite incomplete. It took me about ten minutes to figure out how to slide the MacBook into the case. Once i figured out the mounting points, it slid right in.

The Gumdrop case is a soft, pressure absorbing plastic with more rigid plastic encasing the corners which gives it its shock absorbing capabilities.

It closes very smoothly and offers complete protection of the MacBook. Plenty of room is available around the connection ports so cables fit very easily.

I like the textured surface as it makes it very easy to hang on to it without slipping from my hand.

There is no separate hinge as it is entirely one piece wrapping around the entire computer. The hinge area is well perforated to allow the movement of air for cooling.

It is worth the purchase price as the case gives me a feeling of confidence that my MacBook is surrounded with protection from bumps, scratches, or bruises.

Jerry Brasseur
Saginaw Macintosh Users Group