Gumdrop Case Review by Cameron Welch

I have been working with the iPad Foam Tech case for the iPad 2 for some two months. My first impressions were of disappointment, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, But its chunky black texture did not fill me with enthusiasm nor was the total lack of instructions as to how to install it impressive either! Despite trying I could not see how it fitted. In the end I resorted to that age old warrior “You Tube” and watched a demonstration. It was only from that I realised the original case came with a ribbed frame, obviously to keep its shape, once I removed that it was plain sailing to persuade the iPad to fit into the cases embrace.

As the days progressed my initial criticisms started to wane and I have to admit that now I am converted to allowing my iPad to be embraced by its cloak of security. I do believe very much in the phrase “horses for courses” and this case certainly has its course! It cannot be described as chic and if you are looking for something along those lines to impress your friends at the coffeehouse or boardroom colleagues you will be struggling! If you are wanting robust practical protection then at the price it is sold at it is hard to beat. If you have young children whom you are going to entrust with that type of equipment I cannot fathom anyone allowing their child to take ownership ship without protection like this. I like the pivoting carrying handle which also acts as a support rest/stand (I would have preferred a not quite so upright stance but that is nitpicking!) and I also appreciate that over the years when you take it to bed with you and are using it there how heavy an iPad is when you drop off to sleep and it lands on your nose! With the Gumdrop I just hook my thumb into the handle and if I should drift away into it the arms of slumber as I play on my iPad it no longer lands with unerring precision onto the tip of my nose or teeth, that thumb hooked into the handle prevents the iPad from such vicious behaviour as it slips from my unconscious fingers!

Does it work? Yes, yes and yes it even allowed my iPad to survive a fall from the second to first floor when our 12 week old Sheltie puppy carried it unceremoniously to the stairwell and dropped it down to the first floor! Any criticisms? Yes, yes and yes please Gumdrop cater for idiots like me and enclose some instructions as to how to install it! Redesign the apertures so the recharging access is easier for old fingers like mine, also easier access for the other iPad controls and remove the shadow resulting from obstruction of the camera lens. Would I recommend it without a doubt!